NATIVE CITY is an initiative of bassist Andreas Metzler & drummer Patrick Manzecchi, founded in 2008. The idea to call it NATIVE CITY is their association to their origin city CONSTANCE, where they perform every year between christmas and new year. Playing with different soloists as Dick Oatts, Gary Smulyan, Manfred Junker, David Golek, native city became in its basic line-up a Piano-Trio with Felix Otterbeck, who also has his roots in Constance.
The strength of the trio is based on interplay, spontaneity and versatility while combining different musical directions. Its members have experienced a wide range of music genres, and here they find a way to combine them all, dictated by the moment. Many credits are associated with its members who have shared the stage with world well known musicians.
upcoming concerts 2017

Old Mary's Pub (KN)

Esse Bar (Witerthur CH)

Voglhaus (KN)

Native City
Landkreis Konstanz